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Can you survive....

The Hashasheen Challenge

Available on Spotify and all good music streaming platforms


On July 18, 2020 during the height of the Covid lockdowns, Gek Snikkel and Eponymous Bosch, aka Drunken Gunmen, were summoned to a secret meeting by a mysterious group of individuals known only as The Hashasheen. Convening in an underground bunker hidden deep below the residence of Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, they were provided with a TEAC cassette recorder, a confusing array of electronic audio devices, and a DVD player with a copy of the 1980s samurai film "Shogun Assassin". The Hashasheen were not present, but a small handwritten note was found which contained, scrawled in blood, the words "Watch! Record! Perform!". 

The DVD was played, the record button on the cassette recorder was pressed, and Drunken Gunmen began to perform.

What happened next remains a mystery. The Gunmen woke up next day in the gutter outside Engadine McDonalds, covered in some form or alien ectoplasm. On the road next to them was a C90 cassette tape stuck to a sheet of what looked suspiciously like human skin. Written, or perhaps tattooed on the sheet was the word "Release!"

Back in their studio the Gunmen played the tape, which very quickly proved to be a horrifying scream from the abyss, designed to invoke madness. Not wishing to antagonise The Hashasheen they transferred the tape to digital and quickly edited and modified the recording into something less disturbing and released it in two parts on their Bandcamp page where it sank into obscurity.

One year later, The Hashasheen contacted them and presented a new demand. Release the full, unedited version or face "consequences". Another attempt to listen to the full audio file was made, but once again, madness threatened. The Gunmen feared what would happen should the recording become readily available, so they transferred it to cassette tape and released it, knowing that even cassette collectors never actually listen to them.  

A year later, shortly after the 2022 election which had vanquished Scott Morrison, another message was received which said simply "It Is Done".

All was well until 2024. Scott Morrison, long since vanquished from the Prime Minister's role, was leaving parliament for good.  A final message was received: "Rejoice! Revisit! Re-release!".

Astonished, the Gunmen went back to the audio file and discovered it had morphed into something profound. Still disturbing and darkly mysterious, it was now listenable and had become somehow transformative. As torturous as ever, it's dark passages could now be navigated safely by those whose minds were ready for the message it contained.

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it: listen and be transformed 


Click here to be tortured!

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