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Spaced Out Sounds is a netlabel currently dedicated to publishing the music of two bands, circle of willis and Drunken Gunmen, as well as the ambient and electronic music of solo artist Gek Snikkel. Click on the Audio & Video menu item to sample their music.



GOITRE HELL! by circle of willis


Now available FREE by download or streaming


In 2003 after the less than stellar performance of their previous album The Manual of Internal Fixation, circle of willis set out to forge a new direction. Barricading themselves in a desanctified former church with a collection of steam-driven Victorian-age recording equipment they soon emerged with a 6-track EP – circle of willis presents….GOITRE HELL! The new release was met with immediate acclaim and plans for a full-length album were hatched. Over the next 3 years a variety of songs were written, recorded, discarded, rewritten and ultimately discarded again as the apathy-inducing effects of rampant band democracy caused the process to stagnate. Hours of material in various states of completion were left rotting in rapidly deteriorating hard drives and band members drifted off to other projects.


Now, after 10 long years the “lost” album has been resurrected and 14 selected tracks are now available for download, warts and all. Hastily recorded and rapidly forgotten, such gems as “Sedition" and “Me Love You Long Time” are now presented for the first time in their original poorly-recorded and fatally-flawed state. Forget “Smile” by The Beach Boys, or “Chinese Democracy” by Guns & Roses, this is the long-awaited album with such low expectations that everyone who hears

it is guaranteed to be delighted. A true masterpiece.


Click here to be astounded!

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